Saturday, 29 June 2013

The reel thing.

After a quick wander down the centre of Devizes,

the Corn Exchange,

the Market Cross, with a fascinating plaque with a horrible warning for those of less than spotless honesty,

I hope it's readable as I have no intention of typing it all out. With my skill at typing we would all be here until tomorrow. Try left clicking on it, brings it up to almost readable standard.

And the Shambles, the old meat market, now used for a general market with an assortment of stalls.
We then headed out for Morrisons for a general victualling top up.
After helping Jill stow all our purchases (I kept out of the way), I adjourned to the local fishing tackle shop where I acquired a rather nice centre pin reel,

only a tenner, bargain. Needs a bit of a clean but is in perfect working order. Probably dated to the 1950's or 60's at the latest, can't be sure as there is no makers name. Apart from the colour it is identical to the first reel I ever owned, I couldn't resist it.
What I was actually after was information on the rod I'm rebuilding, I had been told that the shop owner is a bit of a guru on old tackle. Alas, even after consulting his book of knowledge the maker, J.F. Young of Harrow, remains an enigma.
So I purchased a pint of maggots and spent the rest of the day plundering the piscean inhabitants of the canal basin.
Tomorrow it is the Devizes Flight, Caen Hill. When we lived in Croydon, during our long vanished youth, Cane Hill was the local psychiatric hospital, or lunatic asylum as they were then called. Perhaps one needs to be a candidate for the latter to tackle the former.

Watch this space...........

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