Thursday, 20 June 2013

Over the summit and a touch of "Ooh err Missus".

We have been moored at Wootton Rivers for a few days, absolutely no signal on the dongle but pleasant moorings, apart from the pagan gathering for the summer solstice in the field next to where we moored. I'm sure they are splendid chaps and chapesses but one can only put up with so much drumming.
But on with the tale.

After climbing the Crofton Locks to the summit level you come to Bruce Tunnel, the only tunnel between London and Bath. It's only just over five hundred yards long, a comparative baby but, needless to say

we met someone coming the other way.

At Burbage Wharf the newly restored crane once again stands proud. There isn't much of the original left, more a new build with a few original iron bits incorporated. Much better than a few mouldering pieces though.
Once at Wootton Rivers we set off on a walk that had enough double entendres to keep Kenneth Williams and Frankie Howerd happy. We went up the lane to

and a little further on we turned off onto a byway,

called Cock Lane. On rejoining the road we walked down

Dark Dale and then came to the delightful hamlet of

Ram Alley. It was then a short walk on a footpath, that appeared on the Ordnance Survey map and a local signpost but was singularly missing on the ground, back to the towpath.

If anyone remembers the TV series "The River", this is the lock keepers cottage at Wootton Rivers. It was the home of David Essex's character. Jill looked at it with a wistful eye.

Yesterday's walk took us through delightful Wiltshire countryside and over the canal

on a bridge that today

we went under on our way to Pewsey. We are now on what they laughingly describe as visitors moorings. It appears as though some of the boats are on a prolonged visit.

Watch this space..........

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