Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A rural idyll.

With this as the scene from the side hatch there was no way we were moving today.
Last evening we were treated to the sight of a barn owl hunting across the field opposite and today we had red kites and buzzards circling overhead, a cuckoo could be heard faintly in the distance while a pair of terns were making merry with the shoals of fish that were visible in the clear water.
I was vainly attempting to emulate the terns when a charming young lady hailed me from the towpath and asked if I minded her taking a photo' of me fishing.

She said it looked idyllic, a perfect description.
A few small roach obliged by deigning to accept my offerings, I feel it was done mostly out of sympathy for such an inept piscator as me.
Having sated my primitive hunter gatherer instincts I started in on a new project. A while back I obtained an old cane fishing rod, not in the best of condition. Today I began to refurbish it and like all such projects it is proving more problematic than it seemed when it came into my possession. I don't know what the previous owner used as varnish, it is the colour of toffee and just about bullet proof but with the diligent application of my old penknife and then some fine sandpaper I managed to remove it from the butt section and have started to replace the whippings. It looks like a long job.

Watch this space..........

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