Friday, 7 June 2013


We made it to Kintbury yesterday and, after mooring, in a sudden burst of enthusiasm, I leapt up on the roof of Armadillo and, with Jill passing up buckets of water, cleaned it of last winter and spring's grime. Not before time. We also met with Nancy and John of Perfect Harmony, fellow bloggers, and chewed the fat for a while. They are heading for the Wey so we passed on some of our findings, hope they will be helpful.
This morning we set about cleaning the right hand side but our enthusiasm waned as the heavens opened. Come lunchtime the rain had stopped so we donned our waterproofs, just in case, and went for a quick look at Kintbury.

Lovely village, mostly of red brick, it has a small general store, a butchers cum greengrocers and a bakers that is only open on Wednesday and Saturday.

The parish church of St. Mary, an attractive exterior but the Victorian restorers played havoc with the interior.

The painted roof is quite unusual, but the big surprise,

a memorial to Sir Gordon Richards, unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen in 1995.
We headed for The Blue Ball for lunch but they weren't cooking today so we ended up eating in the Dundas Arms. Excellent.

For those who think I'm just a doddering old s*d who witters on about scenery, here is a rather beautiful TVR parked in the village. Looks like it's doing a ton when it's standing still.

Difficult to get a good picture of a fishing rod but here is the but section of the cane rod I'm attempting to refurbish. Cleaned and re-whipped, awaiting varnish. I'm getting the hang of whipping again, long time since I did any.
Heading for Hungerford tomorrow.

Watch this space..........

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Anonymous said...

did you only notice Gordon Richards?
How about the Jane Austin connection?
The Scheemaker monuments?
The Admiral of the Crimea?
Plus many other interesting people remembered here.

To say nothing of the Swing Riot Martyr buried in the churchyard and honoured every year