Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Just a note.

Made it all the way to Gnosall! 45 minutes. Walked up to the village for shopping, nice little greengrocers and the co-op. Booked the vets for the dogs jabs and the hairdressers for Jill, just hope we got them the right way round. Still only a GPRS signal, when I get 3G there are a couple of interesting photos', well I think they are!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Still on the Shroppie.

It has been a great week with the family, Norbury Junction to Nantwich and back, a shame that the weather didn't play the game, rain most days, we even had Elliots first birthday barbeque at Coole Pilates in the pouring rain but being British we pressed on and cooked everything outside and ate it on the boat. As usual on the Shroppie we've had no signal so no posts. Also worn out most evenings although the grandsprogs were good as gold.
Back at Norbury Junction so still very little signal hence no photties as yet. Miserable drizzle today so no plans to move. Intend going to Gnosall tomorrow, they have a vets and the dog is due her jabs.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Slow progress.

A bit of shopping in Brewood (Still pronounced Brood) and then a curry in the Curry Inn, still about the best we know. A trip down to Little Onn for a quiet night and today onto Gnosall. Surprisingly empty moorings but I'm not complaining, final shopping for arrival of daughter #2 and family. Tomorrow it's Norbury to await arrival of said daughter and then a week of grandsprogs, ah! bless.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Gailey and a glimpse of the Hatherton Branch.

We set off from Penkridge at 0630 (really) for bridge 8 on the Shroppie, a pleasant run with a couple of things of note.

Gailey Round House and the somewhat daunting

approach to Gailey Lock.

Those old architects knew how to design an aesthetically pleasing pleasing building.

The Hatherton Branch, when will it reopen? if ever. The usual chaos at Autherley Junction (Cut end) was increased by the presence of the 100th Tom Rolt anniversary/re enactment of Cressys' voyage being there, no time for camera work, to busy dodging boats and people dressed as (their version of) working boat people.
Arrived at bridge 8 at about 1300

and have this chap as a neighbour, wonder if he's related to the one at Vale Royal, they look similar.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Some thoughts on bridges, boating idiots and Penkridge.

As you go down the Trent and Mersey the bridges

are fairly normal normal brick built canal bridges until you come to bridge 82,

which is this splendid brick and stone edifice which looks more suitable to a medieval fortress, so why? It's only on a country lane leading to a small village, not even on the drive to a big house , another of lifes little mysteries.
We turned onto the Staffs. and Worcs. at Great Hayward and yesterday was spent nearly on Tixall Wide(We will find a space to moor there one day) sitting out the gale that was blowing and the rain that was promised but never arrived.

Jill brings us out of Tixall Lock.

Looking across the water meadows of the River Sow from the aquaduct.

Milford Bridge on the Staffs. and Worcs. a supremely elegant turnover bridge, bet you couldn't find a brickie nowadays who could build it.
We then came across a B.W. team spot dredging the bridge holes when lo!

if you look under the bridge, some idiot decided to come through the bridge from the other direction.

Just remember, they are out there and they are coming for you. Do they really let them vote?

Hooray for B.W. bollards.

Penkridge, didn't go down that street.

The main street of a handy little town, butchers, bakers etc.
Tomorrow we aim to be back on the Shroppie, that means we will have done the Four Counties Ring in about three months,oh well, no point in rushing.

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Journey Continues.

Away from Stone and now heading for Norbury Junction where we have arranged to meet daughter no. 2 with her family. Eleven days to do it in so no rush, yet.
The met. office says it is a stiff breeze, they should try winding at Stone, in the end I had to throw the memsahib ashore with a rope on the stern to haul us round while boats queued to pass the idiot in the middle of the cut, life can be so much fun!
Moored between bridges 84 and 85, nice empty rural spot, will have to move on tomorrow as our water tank has just gone boinnnnggg, a sure sign that we are getting low, water at Gt. Hayward and onto the Staffs and Worcs, lay money there will be no space on Tixall Wide, have never yet found a mooring space there.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Family Visit.

Friday arrived and so did daughter Cairstine and grandsons Noah and Jonah, we made our way down to Salt and moored close to bridge 82, the west coast main line runs next to the cut there and boy do those trains motor, as we used to live next to the line in Plymouth they didn't bother us much. The boys demanded to fish so out came the 3m. whip and a bit of bread but as it was hot and sunny the local fish were not in a receptive move, Jonah soon became disenchanted but Noah stuck it out and eventually landed a nice sized roach, he then quit while he was ahead. I decided to show them how it was done and came away with nothing, of course I wasn't really trying.

It just got too hot and the water looked so inviting to two small boys that it was off lagging, retaining boxers for proprieties sake, and a quick jump in the cut. We then took a pleasant walk up to the Hollybush and partook of a splendid meal, in fact the portions were so large that none of us could manage a dessert, much to our chagrin.
On Saturday we went from Salt as far as Tixall Wide where we winded and then returned to Salt for round two at the Hollybush. After dinner on board it was back up the pub for the desserts we couldn't manage Friday! A splendid idea.

Lock inspectors insuring that there elderley relatives are getting it right as we wend our way back to the car.
Back at Stone, offspring and children safely returned to car and away home to Marlborough. Jill
and I relaxing with Classic FM.

Thursday, 1 July 2010