Monday, 24 June 2013

A Tale of Two Hills.

Isn't wind and rain boring? At least today the wind has dropped and the rain seems to be holding off. So we took a chance and as is our wont we set off to give our legs a bit of exercise.

Woodborough Hill looms above the canal and would appear to be the sort of place from where the view might be worth seeing.

It gets quite steep as you approach the small beech hanger on the summit but the views are stunning.

To the south, across the vale, Salisbury Plain.

To the west Alton Barnes white horse stands out clearly on the scarp and to the east

Picked? Hill. I am confused as to the real name but have come down in favour of Picked, or possibly Pecked Hill. This was our next target but the local land owners appear to discourage approaching, at least from Woodborough Hill.

That seems pretty clear. So Picked Hill must wait.
Instead I started crawling around in the long grass, we're on the chalk here and we found an abundance of

common spotted orchids.

Sainfoin, once said to increase milk yield in cows.

Poppies and oilseed rape make a brilliant combination.

Meadow Cranes Bill, complete with bumble bee. I really must get a better lens.

Back at the boat, in hiding in the long grass. Overhead an exultation of larks were filling the air with music until.......

An Army Air Corps Gazelle turned up and appears to be using us for target acquisition practice.

Watch this space............

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