Friday, 30 September 2011

Coole Pilate, Hankelow Mill and Moss Hall.

Coole Pilate is o.k. but one does need a spot of exercise so after perusing a pamphlet entitled Audlem Walks we set off to explore a bit of rural Cheshire. A trudge along the towpath to Bennetts Bridge(Bridge 80) and we then set off across country to Hankelow Mill

which sits in a little dell with the old mill building

 alongside the stream and the old mill pond,

now covered in duckweed but still with some of the water control sluices regulating the flow of water under the mill

and into the large pond in the glorious garden

behind the old buildings. I love the fact that we can stand and enjoy the glory of this garden and I don't have to worry about the weeding.

Next to the mill is the old granary with the millers house up on the hill overlooking the whole scene. An absolute gem, I could almost feel jealous but not quite, I prefer the boat, I'll be somewhere else next week.

Up and over the hill and down to a little bridge and then up the other side of the valley

through a maize field. This isn't sweetcorn, trust me, you wouldn't want to try cooking this on the cob.
We then walked back to the edge of Audlem, cut through a footpath and came out by Moss Hall,

a wonderful early seventeenth century timber framed house.
By the time we had walked back up the cut to Coole Pilate I was feeling a bit part worn, must get more exercise, carrying far too much weight, time to cut down on something, starting tomorrow.
England v. Scotland tomorrow morning, should be a good match. Jill says 0800 is too early to start on the beer, look this is World Cup rugby, better get the ale in the fridge. Come on England!!!

Watch this space............

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mostly around Adderley.

Coole Pilate mooring, about half a mile from a thumping great 'phone mast, a signal at last.
At the top of the Adderley flight there is a brilliant farm shop and wandering around

you will find their pet lamb. Such is the charisma of this ovine star that it is due to make an appearance in that journal of all things intellectual, The Sun. We hasten to add not page three. At the next lock down I fell over this fellow,

you're never short of company at Adderley.
As an aside we've just dined splendidly on lamb chops purchased at the shop, roasties and runner beans from the stall halfway down the Audlem flight. You can live well on the Shroppie.

The Virginia Creeper cries autumn, the temperature says mid summer, isn't this a wonderful country? It's my theory that we colonised half the world just to get away from the weather.

Adderley Manor, the old squire no longer sallies forth to chivvy the peasantry or decimate the local wildlife, it has been converted into desirable apartments but still dominates the local landscape, a reminder of the days of Merrie England, bring back the maypole, hurrah for Morris Dancing, well perhaps we don't need to go that far.

This spider was trying to seduce the young lady who is just visible behind the leaf on the right. He had a nice succulent fly wrapped up, better than a box of choccies to a female arachnid, and he was twanging the web to tempt her out so he could have his wicked way with her, the cad. Being a man of absolute probity I made my excuses and left.

Back at the bottom of the locks

Saturn went through behind ??? To my shame I can't remember who the motor was.

Perhaps one of the aficionados will be able to identify it.
Mendip went past soon after, obviously on her way back to The Port after her commemorative run from Knighton to Bourneville but needless to say I didn't have a camera handy.

Sea World, that's me at the front of the boat looking really cheerful and exceedingly damp. I'll sneak in a few more bits of Florida as we go along.

Watch this space............

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh I love t-mobile.

There's more to come from Florida but, as usual on the Shroppie, the signal from t-mobile is too weak to download a picture. We've had two days at the bottom of Adderley Locks and today we moved on to Audlem. Stopping overnight but we actually only stopped for milk, just too idle to move on and having met idiots all the way down the flight this morning I was starting to lose the will to live.
Having been disconnected from the web for fourth time in ten minutes I am now giving up.

Watch this space..................

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Florida. (Part Two). With a real Armadillo and a Dolphin.

11th September, definitely the best day of the holiday, we went to Discovery Cove, a water park with a difference. On the way in we were greeted by a young lady who was carrying

an armadillo, really cute little beast who wisely stayed curled up. It's the first time I've seen a live one, made my day!
The big thing though was that we actually got to meet a dolphin

and Cindy, for such was the name that had been bestowed upon the animal, consented to give us

a tow across the pool. I believe she demanded extra rations of sprats for having to shift my bulk.

Then we all waved good bye and were left wondering how these wonderful mammals put up with us, if I was a dolphin I think I might drown the occasional human, just for fun.
The main swimming pool at Discovery Cove is an artificial coral reef, salt water and full of reef fish, nearly as good as snorkelling in the sea.
Loved this sign at Universal Studios,

 I was well able to fit my backside in it but we saw several who had no chance.
I had intended to finish with Florida today but we have moved on to Adderley and the signal is very poor and it is taking for ever to load so I'm afraid that's all for today.

Watch this space..............

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Florida. (Part One)

There can be no more boring way of travelling than flying, eight hours cramped into seats designed for size zero models. Won't complain though, it got us to Florida.

The first morning, temperature in the eighties and off to

The Magic Kingdom.

Didn't get to meet Mickey but met these two lads, sorry boys I've lost your names but it was great chatting to you.

At Disney Studios Darth Vader never stood a chance against Jonah and Noah. Personally I was going to sign up for the Dark Side, sounds a lot more fun.

Daughter Cairstine got on well with the Starship Trooper. She crocked her leg a couple of days before we flew out. A good tip for visitors to the theme parks, get someone on crutches in your party, you get pushed straight to the head of the queues.

Disney's Epcot, I liked the different shapes, very modernistic.

The monorail has been there for ever but still looks futuristic.

At the back of the British Pub ($8 for a pint of keg beer) there is this structure, last time we were there it actually had lock gates fitted but obviously they've heard about the N.W.C.

 Just to prove we went swimming sometimes.
Quick trip to Disney's animal park.

Seems like an advert for insurance

but I don't think this guy was buying it.
When we got back we found that our email account had been hacked and had sent out dodgy emails to all our contacts, careful scanning by an expert discovered more nasties hiding in the laptop than you would think possible, anyway all sorted now, hopefully.
More from Florida shortly.

Watch this space.........