Sunday, 2 June 2013

Newbury Farmers Market and a couple of firsts.

We would have left Newbury this forenoon, except there is a Farmers Market on the first and third Sunday of the month. The chance to acquire some fresh, local food is to good to miss so sailing is delayed for twenty four hours.

The walk along the towpath takes you through Victoria Park, last time we were here it was a no go area for mooring, too many youths in the evening, but there have been boats moored there all this weekend with no problems, probably a bit noisy with the traffic over the bridge though.

Having lived in Plymouth for thirty six years this is a sight to cheer the heart, they really do make exceptionally good oggies. That is one side of the town bridge over the river and on the other is one of the best local butchers we have come across.

Griffins has been there since the eighteen fifties and still make their own sausages.

Seen on the wall of the town hall, we were ok as we didn't have a traction engine about our persons.

Not the largest Farmers Market, but it was bustling with shoppers. We came away with venison, pigeon breasts, smoked trout and two cheeses, Wiltshire Loaf and Royal Basset Blue.

We also signed a petition calling for more help for bees, gives more details. That's a first, I've put a link in the blog and it works!! Thinking about it, us signing a petition is probably a first as well.
So our departure is now scheduled for tomorrow.

Watch this space...........


Adam said...

An even better way of putting links in the blog: highlight the word or words you want to be the link (in this case, bees) then click on Link. A window pops up, and you copy the web address into the box. That way you don't have the actual link in the text of the blog.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Thanks for the tip Adam, will try it next time.