Saturday, 22 June 2013

On to a Pickled Hill.

After the excitement of Pewsey we were looking for a more rural mooring but before moving off we were in need of a top up of water and a pump out. No problem with the water but the pump out hose was ten foot too short, we ended up at forty-five degrees across the water point with the front end tied to the brick housing of the pump out, shame there isn't a convenient bollard. At least it was working and three weeks worth of effluent was sent on its way.

After leaving Pewsey the first feature of note is the Wide Water and

the ornate Lady's Bridge, another example of a reluctant land owner demanding the prettification of the canal as it passed through their lands. In this case it was a Lady Susannah Wroughton who also copped five hundred pounds in the deal.

Now moored in the reeds in the shadow of Pickle(d) Hill and amazingly we have a signal for the dongle!

Watch this space.........


Linda Gifford-Hull said...

Have the liveaboards left Wide Water now?

Linda Gifford-Hull
NB Mary H

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Good grief no, unless C&RT get a sudden attack of guts they will be there until hell freezes over.