Friday, 28 June 2013

Another day on the K&A.

Yesterday was a short hop down as far as bridge 132, Horton Chain Bridge, why chain bridge I don't know, it was an ordinary brick arch. The appellation chain bridge is generally applied to a suspension bridge.

There were a couple of swing bridges on the way, yes, that's me doing the hard graft on Allington Swing Bridge while Jill multi-tasks, steering and doing the David Bailey bit.
Horton Fields swing bridge is described in Nicholsons as "Chained open".

Can't argue with that description, that is if brambles and stinging nettles count as chains.
Once we had moored Jill set out her pitch on the bank and got on with her current cross stitch and I started on the middle section of the fishing rod I'm attempting to return to usable condition. Our quiet reverie was disturbed when a sudden water movement pushed Armadillo against the bank and round the bend came

the biggest boat I've seen on the cut. It had come down the Severn and in through Bristol. I had to give them ten out of ten for optimism. I presume they are heading for the Thames.
Today we made it to Devizes. I know a Limerick about a young man from Devizes, but the censor cut it.
Tomorrow is shopping and on Sunday we tackle Caen Hill. The family is rallying round so we will have plenty of help.

A quick nip into town yielded this philosophical picture. One should remember, some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue.

Watch this space...........

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