Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Next stop Market Drayton, we left High Offley

with the church and farms on the hill, quintessential English countryside.

Cadburys old wharf at Knighton and the processing plant behind it, or will we have to call it the Kraft wharf now?

On entering the vast Woodseaves cutting we wondered where Humphrey Bogart had got to.

It is imposing but Jill has not liked it since the time we met an ex working boat coming the other way, it looked like the Titanic coming through the narrows.

Another High Bridge and the only armadillo tiller pin on the cut.

Tyrley Wharf at the top of Tyrley locks, I take it they are not keen on Europe.

Tyrley locks in their wooded cutting and on to Market Drayton, it's market day tomorrow, there is no chance of keeping Jill away from that.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Brewood (prounced Brood) and onward.

After a pleasant break we moved on to Brewood, pronounced Brood, so why spell it Brewood? Beats me. Lovely village and it now has a Co-Op, but no Tescos.

There are lots of different building styles, this is Speedwell Castle in the square, supposedly built on the winnings from a horse called Speedwell, good story.

These pictures are for those who appreciate vernacular architecture, you see I can use big words.

The parish church and opposite the church

the best Indian restaurant I know, if you are ever in Brewood (pronounced Brood) go and try it, the food is brilliant and Sam, the boss, really makes you welcome.


After leaving Brewood (pronounced Brood) you cross the A5, gives you a real sense of superiority. We then had a couple of days at Little Onn, and we've heard all the jokes, before pushing on for High Offley.

High Bridge at Grubb Street cutting, the world famous telegraph pole is a replacement, the original fell apart a few years back. No sign of the black monkey like creature that supposedly haunts the vicinity, well we were sober.

The Anchor at High Offley, anyone who knows it can supply the superlatives.

Is this horse a moslem? it appears to be wearing a hijab.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lazy weekend.

Lovely peaceful weekend, even got the fishing tackle out, somewhat windy but with a little application I managed two roach of about 2ozs each. I only had sweetcorn for bait (My sliced loaf had gone mouldy) so was surprised to catch anything.
Watched the rugby yesterday, we might as well have put out the Brownies B team, just scratching a draw with Scotland? Oh the shame!
Brewood tomorrow, stock up the fridge and then a meal in the Curry Inn, best curry house ever. After that, don't know, heading north and no further plans, maybe Chester eventually.

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Wolverhampton 21

A long day yesterday, we left the museum at 0720 and set off for the top of the 21

As we descended we noticed that most of those nice new bollards seem to be developing cracks, perhaps using green wood wasn't such a good idea. How long before B.W. have to spend pounds numerous to remove them as they have become a hazard? I eagerly await the next good idea from the safety elfs.

The flight went on

and on

and on.

Wolverhampton's last industry, burning rubbish.

This is the view opposite the incinerator, bit of a contrast.

and still the flight continued.

Had we taken a wrong turning?

It turned out we hadn't, the racecourse came into view but we couldn't get a clear shot of it so Jill took one of the Holiday Inn instead.

Was I glad to see this bridge, even though the flight is one of the best maintained we have come across. The gates are light and the paddles all freshly greased, a pleasure to work.
We arrived at Autherley Junction to find Epiphany just ahead of us, we watered and moved on to the S.U.C.S. moorings at bridge 8.

What a pleasant change after the last couple of weeks of urban living, much as we like Birmingham it is so nice to be back in the country. Believe it or not I have the best 3G signal ever, out in the country, the ways of mobile phone companies passeth understanding! Long live the dongle.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A cold day at Dudley.

Today was the third anniversary of us leaving Louis and Joshuas boatyard at Thorne, doesn't time fly.
We had a day in the museum, it really is worth visiting, one of the best of its kind.

President and Kildare but without steam up.

When cars were cars.

A somewhat wonky cottage.

Jill, Chris and Jude and fish and chips cooked in beef dripping, you can hear the arteries go clang.

A trip into the old mines is a must but by the time we came out we were frozen so we called it a day. Tomorrow we are off down the Wolverhampton 21 and onto the Shroppie while Theathenia heads back south.It has been good travelling with them.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Old Main Line.

Well we got into Brum, had hamburgers at the Hand Made Burger Company, wonderful, Mcdonalds eat your heart out. Sunday went into town for a wander and on returning found Beefur on the moorings. Had a chat with Sue and Dave, they were setting off for the Llangollen on Monday, we were going to.........TADA, Tescos.

Monday morning: Beefur, Theathenia and Armadillo in the ice, although an early riser had already gone through.

Even the rubbish was huddling together for warmth.

This morning a quick foray into Sherborne Wharf, diesel at 63p per litre (Domestic) and then off towards Dudley

via the Icknield Port Loop,

the place old boats go to die,

but also a very attractive BW yard. We had decided to take the Old Main Line so ascended Smethwick locks, stiff and full of rubbish, no change there then, although BW arrived with a pot of grease just as we were leaving.

Blakey Hall Bridge and the M6, which do you prefer?

Eventually arrived at the Black Country Museum where they were greasing up the lift bridge over the side arm

while President got up steam.