Saturday, 27 February 2010

Progressing to Braunston.

Overnight at Suttons' Stop and then on to Rugby

As you leave Suttons' you pass this fenced compound, presumably the fence is to prevent the theft of all the contemporary sculpture, no?
Still, we pressed on to Rugby through rain, sleet, howling gales and Newbold tunnel,

as weird an aberration as you'll find anywhere.
Tescos came as a bit of an anticlimax.
Today on to Braunston and arrived just in time for the rugby, England lost so that's that.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

On the road (canal) again.

We're off of the Ashby, wandered down as far as Suttons Stop, not an emu in sight

but no lack of avian oddities.

Charity Dock with its collection of oddly dressed

and posed mannikins

and as many derelict boats as you could wish for is the only sight of interest on this stretch. I suppose some would call it an eyesore but I view it as one more of that wonderful collection of idiosyncrasies that make up the waterways and give them their unique atmosphere.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Visions of winter.

We are moving again, no ice, no snow and actual sunshine. Snowdrops and crocuses in bloom and buds showing on the trees, could it be that spring is on its way? At Hinckley to top up supplies before heading off for the wide blue yonder. Enough signal to download photos' so here are a few from our sojourn on the Ashby.

Didn't it look lovely.

This chap took up residence in a hawthorn bush opposite us in the worst of the freeze and defended it against all comers, they were his berries and he wasn't sharing.

The icicles almost turned the bridge into a portcullis.

The local blackbird appreciated a bit of bread thrown on the ice.

We actually got water out of this frozen lump.

Here comes the cavalry!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Northern Reaches.

We've been up on the northern end of the Ashby for the last week, not enough signal to even wake the computers interest. We moored for two nights in the swamp which passes for the towpath at Snarestone and walked into Measham, via the road and the path through the brickworks, apparently the old towpath is a quagmire and virtually impossible to walk. Measham is quite pleasant, another small industrial town that has lost its industry, lots of new build.
Then up to the end of the cut, on the way we spotted a kingfisher that actually dived in and came out with a small fish! Never ever seen that before, except on the telly. Even more amazing when we reached the end there was room to moor, we didn't though, just watered and set off back. It was great to see that they have got a digger in and are preparing to start digging out and extending the cut up to Measham, how long before they reach Moira?
Stopped overnight at Shackerstone and had dinner in the Rising Sun, got to be one of the best restaurants in the area, not cheap but exceedingly good nosh.
They are now forecasting another freeze so we have had a quick trip to Stoke Golding for a pump out and top up of diesel and back to M.B. to await the worst.
Just seen on the news that the Battle of Bosworth didn't happen where they have put the visitor centre but a couple of miles up the road, that's a shame isn't it.
I think I'll start a sweepstake on when winter is going to end, I reckon about June. Blow global warming, can we just have a bit of local warming?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Back to sanity.

Back on board and out of the marina, glad to be moving again(We don't count the 1,000 miles we've just done in the hire car as moving). Seeing the weather forecast we have wandered up to M.B. again just in case it freezes. On arrival we found Ubique in our spot next to the water point, haven't checked on Chris & Debbie yet, will pop over for a chat sometime today. Meanwhile waiting for Ian on Gosty Hill, hopefully he'll be here today. It is just good to be back on board after being away for two weeks so here are a couple of photo's we took during our journeys, just to keep you amused.
Just for a change of view, Plymouth Hoe, didn't make it by boat but never mind.

And for the aahhh factor Esme and Elliot, with and without Jill, a.k.a. Nanna.