Monday, 3 June 2013

A bucolic mooring at last.

Leaving Newbury, when going upstream, is an interesting exercise. This morning, after pump out and diesel replenishment at the Pit Stop, we headed out. I dropped Jill off in the park and waited until a shout on the walkie talkie told me the lock was ready.

As you approach the lock the river narrows and the current increases and then the real fun begins,

a neatly placed bridge funnels the entire force of the river at you.

Once through the bridge the river comes in from the left and the lock is to the right and just to keep you amused another by-wash whips in from the right. It was about then that I lost interest in photography. I did manage to slot into the lock with my usual panache and was soon up at the next level to the undisguised admiration of the gongoozlers who cluster around the lock.

At the top of the lock there are these contraptions that look like what I believe to be called "cloughs" on the northern canals. A primitive way of raising the paddles. These are not in use and the lock has just gate paddles, I wonder how these ended up here? Are they original? Yet another canal oddity.

Having had enough of civilization for a while we have moored a short way above Hanham Lock. It's a real K&A mooring.

That's as close as you get to the bank along here. I feel a couple of rural days coming on.

Watch this space...........

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