Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Crop Circle Central.

Just a short hop today, we left our lovely rural moorings and moved to Honeystreet, all of a mile.

We are now moored opposite the Alton Barnes white horse. Not ancient by chalk figure standards, it was only cut in 1812 to the order of a Mr Robert Pile, he paid one John Thorn, a.k.a. Jack the Painter, to organise the cutting, but Jack did a runner with the money so Mr Pile was left to pay over again, you could say it cost him a Pile!
This bit of Wiltshire is crop circle country and we are moored next to The Barge Inn,

seen here lit by the last sun of what has been a rare beautiful day.
The pub is crop circle central where all the ley line followers and alien hunters meet to discuss why they've never seen an alien. Last time we were in this area I went into another pub fairly near here and met one of the groups of crop circle makers. They are real artists in the fields. Well everyone should have a hobby.
So if we do get abducted by Venusians in the next few days, well, the next post may be from beyond this world.

Watch this space..........

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