Friday, 20 September 2013

The last VC10's

Just as a matter of interest, technically, the bridge at Newbridge is not the oldest on the Thames.

The bridge at Radcot dates from C.1200 but it no longer spans the river but crosses what is now a backwater, just used as moorings.

In 1787 the river was re-routed and a new bridge built across the new cut, presumably the old bridge was not large enough to take the more modern barges. Fascinating eh?
The Thames is lined with WWII pill boxes, mostly made from poured concrete but there is one near Buscot that seems to vary from the norm.

This one appears to be constructed from stone blocks and seems to have been hit by artillery of some sort, notice the round holes in the blocks, these are not architectural features. I don't recall hearing that the Wermacht got this far so who shot at it? Or is there another explanation?

At Grafton Lock there is a small flock of really pretty ducks, the lockie told us that they are Welsh Harlequins and they just turned up, no one knows from where.

Meanwhile, circling overhead, it's the RAF from Brize Norton, noisy bu++ers.
But today was a rather special day for Crab Air*,
the last operational flight of the VC10 in flight refuelling aircraft and I managed to get photo' of the last two as they returned to Brize.

Enjoy, this is a sight that will never be seen again. See here.
After forty seven years of service they are going for scrap. I know how they feel.
We moored on a nice remote bit of bank above Rushey Lock, no sooner had we got the pins in than two cruisers trurned up and moored right on our front end, sigh.

* In the Royal Navy members of our revered comrades in the RAF are known as Crabfats and the aerial sections are therefore referred to as Crab Air. Bit like Ryan Air but not quite as posh.

Watch this space..........


Adam said...

We enjoyed watching the planes from the Thames a couple of years ago. And today, on the way to Tixall Wide, we had a Chinook following the line of the canal near Stafford, and some kind of fighter jet over Great Haywood this afternoon. They get everywhere!

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

It's like an aerial M25 here, we've had Hercules, assorted large jets, a plethora of helicopters as well as the VC10's. Just need the Red Arrows and we'd have an air show.

Adam said...

A VC10 flew over us at Kilby Bridge this afternoon. Photo on my blog -- I don't appear to be on your blog roll, so here's a link: