Monday, 16 September 2013

A windy day on the upper Thames.

Early start today, the water level dropped over night and this morning we were well canted over. Both of us were up by 0700 and after levering her off the mud we were on our way by 0800. Worked through Shifford Lock and stopped at the top for water. These Thames water points all seem to have a fair bit of pressure behind them, only took a few minutes to top the tank up.

This odd looking structure is just above the lock and is described as an insect lodge, lots of different cracks and crevices for the bugs to hide in.
By the time we left the water point the wind was starting to get up but we pressed on regardless.

The signage up here is nice and clear, you just can't find it for foliage.
By the time we got to Radcot the wind had increased to tempest force, mooring seemed the preferred option except we couldn't get within three feet of the bank anywhere. We pressed on through Grafton Lock where the lockie was having trouble with the wind blowing the gates open every time he shut them.
Enough is enough, we spotted what looked like a reasonable length of bank and managed to get in close. Pins in and snugged down just as the rain started coming in horizontal sheets. I put the satellite dish up and the wind promptly blew it over so we are now sitting listening to the rain battering the cratch cover.

Watch this space..........

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