Monday, 23 September 2013

Back in the old routine.

Today we left the big river, the channel to the left is Dukes Cut that joins the Thames to the Oxford Canal, avoiding going through Oxford.

After fighting our way through overhanging willows and a fallen tree we arrived at Dukes Cut Lock, our first narrow lock since March. At one time the lock was fitted with two sets of gates so it could work in either direction depending on the river level but now it just drops a sedate six inches or so.

It does boast some rather unusual paddle gear though, all enclosed and with a nice hook to put on the windlass to prevent it closing,

This what it looks like inside if you poke tour camera through a hole in the side, lots of cobwebs.
 We were soon in the swing of twirling the windlass and pushing the gates open, Thames lock keepers really spoil you.

The first of the Oxfords signature lift bridges. It's like coming back home. Just that everything seems so small, Jill wasn't even sure we could get into the locks because they seemed so narrow.

Watch this space...........

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