Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lechlade and the head of navigation, at last.

Hooray, we eventually arrived at Lechlade yesterday morning, just in time to say hello to Sue and Vic of No Problem and Graham and Jill on Matilda Rose as they pulled pins and headed off downstream. Hopefully we will eventually catch up and have time for a proper chinwag.

As we ascended St. John's lock Old Father Thames was waiting for us. He used to sit at the rivers source near Kemble, Gloucestershire but has now moved to Lechlade and gained a shovel, perhaps he's joined the W.R.G. and is waiting to join the next work party on the Thames and Severn Canal. I will put in a disclaimer here, I have no connection with that splendid bunch of people who do so much to forward the restoration of so many canals except as an admirer.
The head of navigation is currently a bit beyond the moorings at Lechlade but we were advised that the winding point at the junction of the Thames and Severn Canal is rather silted up we turned below the bridge and after mooring and enjoying a well earned cuppa we walked up to Inglesham.

The well known round house stands at the junction

of river and canal. One day boats will once again be able to travel through the Cotswolds from Thames to Severn, but I suspect I will no longer be boating by then, probably be pushing up the daisies.
Looking at the depth of water and the sandbanks here I think we might just have managed to wind, we're fifty seven foot, anything longer would struggle.
Lechlade itself is a lovely example of a Cotswold town,

Several junk antique shops and, intriguingly,

a shop dedicated to all things Christmas. Each to his own.
This morning we topped up the victualling store and are now sitting out the last day of bad weather for a while. If you can believe that you can plait soot.
Off back downstream tomorrow.

Watch this space.......

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