Monday, 30 September 2013

Crossing the summit.

Gosty Hill is still up for sale, if you're interested in a hundred year old working boat she's going for a reasonable price. That's her inboard of Ditton.

Yesterday we moved on across the summit level.

Looking back through Fenny Compton tunnel. Opened in 1776 as a tunnel and opened out to it's present configuration in several stages between 1838 and 1870 as it had become a bottleneck for traffic on the canal.

We're having a quiet day moored at Ladder Bridge, view from the kitchen window looking over to Napton, beautiful spot at the moment. Once they build the wind farm and HS2 is driven through here it will lose much of it's appeal as a pleasant mooring.

Thanks to those who replied about the NeoCounter, it seems that everyone can see it except me. Wish I understood how these things work, obviously something my end but what? No point in giving me advice on it, it'll go straight over my head.

Watch this space............

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