Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Six hours to Hungerford.

Crofton pumping station, 0630 this morning but by 0730 the mist had cleared

and the early morning sun was highlighting the old building.
I gave Jill an early shake, 0700, and by 0745 we were on our way, heading for Hungerford. It took us six hours to do the trip although about half an hour of that involved the removal of most of a rubble sack from the prop. Tough old stuff that plastic.

They are putting a new by-wash in at Burnt Mill Lock and the locksides are fenced off, so two splendid chaps from the contractors worked us through. They offered, for a cuppa and a bacon butty, to come down and sort the next lock as well but retracted the offer when someone mentioned that there was work to do. Spoilsport.

Jill spotted these red water lillies, obviously a garden escapee.

Next to the towpath at Hungerford, a real knock yer eyeballs out hibiscus, I think. A quick trip up to Tescos and that was it for today.
We are now debating tomorrow.

Watch this space.............

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