Saturday, 7 September 2013

Newbury Ablaze.

We stayed the extra day in Newbury as there was going to be an EVENT, it said so on the signs they hung up along the canal. Signs that forbade mooring between West Mills' swing bridge and Victoria Park and closed the canal from 1700 until the next morning on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was to be an EVENT of fire and water, by gosh, we were excited. So at 2100 we joined the half mile queue to get a sticker,

here modeled by my good lady, that would allow us to walk along the towpath and gaze in awe at

a row of braziers, floating on little rafts, down the cut.

Under the town bridge,

past the canalside pubs

and finishing at the park where there were numerous "flame sculptures".

Including some around the model boating lake, much to the bafflement of the swans who had taken up residence there.

Not only were there these king size cigarette lighters but they had also laid on entertainment, I use the term loosely.

 Don't know where they found them from but they had raked in a collection of performers who dragged mournful dirges out of an odd set of instruments. Now I love a bit of unconventional music but.......
Anyway, we were glad to get back to the bottle of cabernet sauvignon we had left to chambre on the boat.
This morning all the braziers had been cleared from the cut

and were sitting forlornly in the side as we slid past, having breakfasted royally on sprats and fresh bread.
We dieseled up at the Pit Stop, £1.07 per litre, domestic, ouch.

We are now moored at Thatcham, just below Monkey Marsh Lock.
Moving on tomorrow.

Watch this space............

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Max Mason said...

Sorry to have sailed throu Newbury en route to Oxford and not caught the Ablaze - Just sounds like it requires a wee bit more "Ooh and Aah" than it had - It seems such a splendid idea.
Look forward to seeing you, should you sail as far into the grim North as Oxford
Shame about the weather - “Short summers lightly have a forward spring.”