Saturday, 28 September 2013

Banbury and some twigs.

Just to catch up; moved on to Banbury where, as per the nursery rhyme, there is Banbury Cross,

not the original, that was destroyed by puritans in 1600. The current cross was built in 1859 and now it sits on a roundabout.

The fine lady still seems to be worrying about the efficiency of her underarm deoderant.

We treated ourselves to a meal in the best restaurant in Banbury, Quisine. We opted for an Indian meal, we didn't regret the choice.

 Starters for one.

Dessert, unfortunately the picture of the main course wasn't usable, actually the main course didn't survive long enough to be recorded.

See what I mean?
Today we moved on to the top of Claydon Locks.

The new marina at Cropredy is now open and seems to have a fair level of occupancy already.

Intrigued to find, on the top of each set of ground paddle gear, a twig. It took Jill to work out why. The paddle gear had been freshly greased,

the twig was to manipulate the ratchet, avoiding getting grease on ones hands. Clever. I just wiped my hands on my strides, there'll be trouble when Jill spots it.

Meanwhile the willows have discovered a new pastime, covering the roof of the boat with autumn leaves.

Watch this space.............


Sue said...

Thought you wouldn't be able to resist the cooking skills of Vipen.

You both look very posh too, love the kit!

I have resisted the urge to charge up the Oxford Canal to Quisines as yet.. Maybe I might linger there a week!

Just imagine that, a meal each night for a week..

Ho hum, I must do the lottery the next couple of weekends!

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

We don't scrub up bad when we put our mind to it. As always, a meal of surpassing quality. Any visit to Banbury is incomplete without a visit to Vipen.