Saturday, 14 September 2013

A wedding in a field.

Another day on the move, most unusual for us to move so many days on the trot so tomorrow we're having a day off. Today we moved from Eynsham Lock up to Newbridge. Another beautiful stretch of the Thames. Bablock Hythe, wonderful name, now consists of a huge holiday caravan site.

About a mile of vans packed in tight.
At Northmoor Lock the weir is one of the few left that is still controlled by paddle and rhymers.

There are only a few of these ancient structures left and the E.A. wants to remove them as they do not conform to modern health and safety regulations.

We moored just past Newbridge, claimed to be the oldest bridge over the Thames. In the field next to the one we are moored against there is a wedding going on in a tent,

A very big tent. There was a full meal laid out in there, we tried wandering up and down the field looking hungry but they never took the hint so we had to adjourn to The Rose Revived for lunch, today being a normal eating day on the diet. It was adequate but not anything special.
Later, using my finest paparazzi skills

I managed a picture of the bride, just as she disappeared into the tent.
Four quid a night to moor against a field, no wonder the farmers all drive Range Rovers and Jags.

Watch this space...........

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