Wednesday, 25 September 2013

An interrupted days fishing and a request.

Today's view, looking over the Cherwell valley from our mooring by Chisnell Lift Bridge. Definitely one of our favourite stopping places.
I got my day's fishing in, caught a few nice roach in between interruptions from passing boats and the unavoidable towpath walkers.

Why do they always have to try and push past you? No manners at all.

Now I have a request, I'm having problems with the NeoCounter, the background is there but none of the stats. or the flags etc. are showing when I look at it. I've contacted Neoworx and they say it's working and when they look at the blog it's all fine. Are you seeing it ok? Please let me know by leaving a comment about it. Thank you.

Watch this space....................


John R said...

Hi Graham,

Yes, your neocounter was clearly visible with all the statistics shown from my viewing here in Perth, West Australia.

Now go back and do more interesting things like fishing and been the good shepherd.


Anonymous said...

Hi John

Not showing for me John here in the UK!


KevinTOO said...

Hi Graham & Jill,
The counter looks good in Derby on 2 different laptops (Windows 8 with IE 9 & Windows XP with IE 8)

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi There,

Neo counter working well on Google Chrome.

Halfie said...

A bit late catching up ... your NeoCounter seems to be displaying correctly on my Mac.