Friday, 5 April 2013

We manage five miles and three locks.

Having wimped out of moving yesterday, well it was snowing and blowing the best part of a gale, we set off this morning into the teeth of a bitter wind.

We turned onto the main line by the dry dock at the top of the Marsworth flight and headed south,

passing the old Bulbourne workshops, part of which is now producing fancy ironwork.
It was quite pleasant through Tring cutting but by the time we had done Cowroast lock and the two Dudswell locks I was fed up with being blown all over the cut and Jill was looking decidedly cold so we called it a day.

That's the west coast main line so we're sitting here enjoying watching the trains go by.
Berkhampstead tomorrow.
Apologies to Adam on Briar Rose for getting his name wrong on Tuesday.

Watch this space..............

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