Monday, 8 April 2013

Does Nessie migrate south for the winter? Do lock bollards really need painting?

We have paired up with Mick and Lesley on Lizzie for a few days, with the wide locks having two boats and crews makes life much easier. So this morning we set off from Kings Langley at about 0900 and were soon approaching lock 70.

Alongside the canal there is a fishing lake and rearing above the reeds was a rather worrying head. I just wonder what bait the local anglers use?

Here endeth civilisation, beyond the flyover and we are within the circuit of the M25.
At lock 72 C&RT were busy,

those bollards are looking really smart, but the effort didn't stop there.

I'm not sure what the original purpose of these pins was but they did not escape the attentions of the painting crew.

This is the splendid Grove Mill, now split up into flats, I dread to think what price they go for.
We have stopped in Cassiobury Park. Pleasant enough for a night's stay.
Pushing on again tomorrow although how far has yet to be decided.

Watch this space..............

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