Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ripley, believe it or not.

Having another idle day at Pyrford. Our only aim was a walk up to Ripley, a village hanging on just outside the London conurbation. Very Surrey in the different types of building,

 tile hung,
half timbered.
There is no decent local building stone so all these rely on timber framing with either some kind of cladding or locally produced brick infill.

The most imposing building is The Talbot Inn. There has been an inn here since the 15thC. but the present building dates from the 18thC. when it was a staging post on the London to Portsmouth road. It is claimed that Lord Nelson was a frequent guest as he posted between the two towns.

You can tell that the old Pompey road ran through here, these are the other two pubs on the main road.

The church is built of other local materials, mostly knapped flint but with some areas of

a conglomerate or puddingstone of some sort, from the colour it is obviously high in iron oxide. Carstone?
I've just spent half an hour going round in circles on t'net and I'm still no wiser. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, that must make me lethal.

This is called The Manor Cottage, definitely a bit of Dutch influence there, although if you peer round the back there is a lot of timber framing.

We walked back via Ripley Common, passing another mighty Victorian mill, Just look at the detail in that brickwork, stunning. Built in 1862 when an earlier mill on the site burnt down, it went out of use in the 1920's and is now a, you guessed, a des. res. Seems to be undergoing a refit at the moment.

This is part of the gardens of one of the neighbouring properties, I checked my pockets for change but still can't afford a house here.
We shall therefore continue boating,

Watch this space..........

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