Sunday, 21 April 2013

We get to see "Gloriana".

A perfect morning at Teddington. Yesterday my old dad came up for the day.

Had a very pleasant day, including an excellent lunch in The Tide End Cottage, just over the bridge. Food and beer both very good but service a little slow, as we were busy yacking we didn't really notice.
We had intended moving on today but we discovered that the annual "Royal Waterman's Tudor Pull" from Hampton Court to The Tower was happening, so we stayed to watch. This year "Gloriana" was the star.

Just after 1100 she hove into view, the oarsmen keeping a steady pace and a perfect stroke.

As the river narrowed by the weir they tossed oars (And turned the motor on, cheats).

She glided on like a swan surrounded by ducks.

Under the footbridge

and into the lock.

No roses and castles on this back cabin.

But plenty of golden twiddly bits, she really gleamed in the sun.

She was accompanied by a small flotilla of traditional Thames shallops.

These chaps didn't seem to have got the hang of it. That's very unkind of me, in truth their rowing was immaculate, but they were having to paddle it in the lock as the oars were too long for the width of the lock.
Gloriana was built for last year's diamond jubilee Thames pageant and presented to Her Majesty as a gift after the parade.
Today, as you all know, is Her Majesty the Queen's eighty-seventh birthday. Happy birthday ma'am.

Below the lock she proceeded on her stately way down stream, it's a long way to The Tower, good luck.

Watch this space..............


Yvonne said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful boat, I wonder if her Maj has been on it again since the Thames pageant?

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

I've honestly not got a clue, I would hope she has. Perhaps Harry uses it occasionally for romantic evenings on the river.