Friday, 12 April 2013

The Tower, a bridge, HMS Belfast and a picture of Marble Arch, we are doing the tourist thing.

Here's the picture of Paddington Basin that I never took last night. Taken through the drizzle this morning.
We had decided to go and see HMS Belfast today so we checked the underground and worked out a route which involved the Central Line from Notting Hill Gate to Bank. From Notting Hill we got as far as Marble Arch station and were informed that the Central Line was now closed because there was, and I quote,"Someone under a train" at whichever station, so it was back up to the surface and find our own way.

Never expected to see Marble Arch today but we popped up like a pair of moles and set off down Oxford Street, having decided to go via Oxford Circus.

Look at those shiny pavements, yes, it stared to chuck it down. But we eventually rejoined the tube and arrived at

London Bridge from where you you have a breathtaking panorama.

The Tower of London on the left, HMS Belfast centre, Tower Bridge to the right and a really moody sky at the back.

Impressive, she's the last big gun armoured warship from W.W.II  left in Europe.

Oh how I remember tot time when the rum or as we called it "Bubbly" came up. Only civilians and authors referred to it as grog by the 1960's.

When I joined HMS Chichester, my first ship, in 1967 this is what we slept in, and comfortable they were.

When I left the R.N. in 1988 that is what I had on my office door. More generally known as the Jaunty or the Joss, the Master at Arms is every matelot's best friend.
But enough reminiscing, after exploring her thoroughly we set off for home.

Another view of the Tower, prison, palace, armoury and fortress, it has been them all.
We walked back to cross Tower Bridge when Jill spotted that the old engine rooms were open.

These were the engines that drove the original hydraulic system for raising and lowering the bascules. Of course it's all done by electricity now.

The moat and curtain wall of the Tower with the bridge in the background and another moody sky.
We caught the Circle Line from Tower Hill back to Paddington, I wish we'd used that route on the way out.
Tomorrow could be a museum but as we are going out tonight we will see what the morning brings.

Watch this space...........

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