Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Back to Bulls Bridge.

We have dragged ourselves away from the intellectual fleshpots of central London. A blustery cruise back up the Paddington Arm to Bulls Bridge and a restock at Tescos.
Nature is starting to get its act together.

Coots are the waterways natural recyclers, they will build any amount of rubbish into their nests. We passed one today whose owner was heavily into glitter, the nest was largely constructed from shiny crisp packets, most tasteful. If you look very carefully at this picture you may be able to pick out a chick just under the loose twigs at the front of the nest.

The local swans are well into incubating, these two wouldn't look up and pose, most unhelpful.

Today's aaaahh! picture, the first brood we've seen this year, they seemed to be at home amidst the assorted litter in the canal. We also saw a couple of Canada Goose nests but Jill was in the cabin and I couldn't see the camera so you will have to use your imagination for them.

Amidst the dereliction and bland and boring tower blocks you can find the occasional gem of vernacular architecture. I would imagine this was originally connected with the canal but whoever owns it now has lavished much loving care on it.

Is this the new Wembley stadium? I don't follow football so I'm not sure. Now if it was Twickenham.........

Brentford tomorrow?

Watch this space................

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