Saturday, 6 April 2013

Odd things in Berko.

What a change, virtually windless this morning with the occasional glimpse of the sun. So after our morning bowl of poridge, porridge or porage, whichever you prefer, we set of through Berkhampstead.
I vaguely remember seeing "The Bargee" when it was first released, what stuck in my mind was a conversation that ran along the lines of:
Woman, "Hemel, that's an odd name, why are you called Hemel?"
Hemel,(Harry H. Corbett) "When I was born the boats were tied up in Hemel Hempstead so mum named me Hemel,"
Woman, "Lucky they weren't at Berkhampstead."
Funny what sticks in the mind, it still makes me smile.

Just a picture of a brightly painted bridge and my starboard lug 'ole, not one of Jill's best.
Obviously Berko is a place dedicated to multiculturalism,

but when did the Sioux move in? Alright, it's probably not a Sioux totem pole but they were the first tribe that sprang to mind.

An interesting building whose owners take an obvious pride in the canal connection, it just worried us a little,

what is lurking in the conservatory?
We have stopped below the fragrantly named Sewer Lock, just by the sewage works and the railway, who says the romance of the canals is dead?

Watch this space....................

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