Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Three Bridges and a lunatic asylum.

Fully victualled up, we left Tescos at 0900, heading for Brentford and the Thames.

As ever the variety in the design of boats leaves one bewildered.

What did this sad old hulk start life as? The "Paddle boxes" are actually frosted glass windows. Perhaps it was once an elegant house boat, we've no idea.

 It's difficult getting a shot of the "Three Bridges", but for information, the grey painted one is a road bridge that goes over the cut which goes over the railway. I believe I'm right in saying the set up is unique on the system.
When we got to the Hanwell flight we decided it would be easier to breast up the two boats, send one person ahead to set the locks and the other two working the boat through.

So here I am, hand in pocket, nonchalantly taking both boats into one of the locks, easy when you know how.

The top lock has a rather attractive lock cottage alongside.

Between the second and third lock is the old Hanwell Lunatic Asylum with the bricked up arch of what was once the entrance to it's own private dock. It was the first custom built asylum in the country, built 1829/31.

And it's not been touched since.

Very smart Horseley Iron Works Bridge, more used to seeing them around Brum and not normally quite this flamboyant.
We arrived at Brentford at 1200 to find the visitor moorings full of boats that were obviously not just visiting, we just managed to squeeze between two of them but "Lizzie" has had to moor under the old warehouse.
My advice to anyone heading this way is to moor up opposite the G.S.K. building.
Weather not looking good for tomorrow so plan A is up to Teddington on Friday.

Watch this space............

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