Monday, 15 April 2013

Science Museum, a very brief look.

Taking the current state of the Thames, great pun eh?, we stayed in Paddington today, well the boat did, we couldn't get it on the tube as we set off for the Science Museum. What a place, you would need a week to do it justice. I hadn't been to it since a school outing back in the dim and distant.

As a child I was bitterly disappointed, our teacher had told us that we would see Stephenson's Rocket. I had only seen pictures of it in all its colourful glory and when I saw this black and battered old wreck I could have wept. Now though I just gazed in awe at the engine that had led the transport and therefore the industrial revolution.

This is Puffing Billy, one of Rocket's immediate precursors, it just looks so ungainly in comparison.

I know it looks like a diesel spill but it is actually made up of 213 layers of different materials, everything from recycled plastic coffee cups to natural sisal. Much more impressive if you actually see it.
Our favourite bit was the Listening Post. It would take too long to explain properly but briefly, it picks up random items from the 'net and turns them into a visual and aural display. It's described as a work of art. I am a well known Philistine as far as modern ideas of art go but I could have stayed for hours, just watching and listening.
Back to Bulls Bridge tomorrow ready for the trip down to Brentford.

Watch this space..........

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