Monday, 29 April 2013

I am, as usual, in trouble.

Only moved about a mile today, Dapdune Wharf is only a twenty four hour mooring so we are now moored by the water meadows just out of town.

There are some very strange boaters around here, this chap stands on the old town wharf, poised permanently in the act of throwing a line to a barge that never arrives.
When we got to the meadows the sun was shining, the birds were singing and we got out the canvas chairs and enjoyed a bit of warmth.
My name has been mud for the last week, the Snooker World Championship has been on the telly, we only have satellite tv and the Wey is lined with trees so my dear lady has only had intermittent glimpses of her favourite sport. It is of course my fault for not considering this when I planned the trip. But here we have a signal so we may stay for a day or two.
Did I say planned the trip? Nothing is ever planned on Armadillo, a rough outline is suggested and then things just happen, occasionally the same things as suggested.

Watch this space.............

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