Thursday, 18 April 2013

Nothing better to do so we stroll around Brentford.

Brentford Basin from the Gauging Locks. The usual array of blocks of flats, have the architects no imagination? Could be anywhere, boring.

Thames Lock, out through that tomorrow and onto the river, Teddington next stop. Early start to catch the flood and get through Richmond while the barrier is open.

It was low tide when we walked down which made nosing about quite interesting.

A couple of the tidal backwaters in the nether regions of Brentford, grand plans for redevelopment around here, probably more over priced apartments.

We wandered up the back streets and eventually emerged on the High Street, not inspiring but there is a Morrisons at the far end.
Anyone who has read Robert Rankin's Brentford Trilogy will share my disappointment at being unable to locate The Flying Swan and it's regulars.

Back at the Gauging Locks, that's the River Brent coming in on the right and the stretch from here down to Thames Lock is semi tidal.

These are coming over about one a minute, Heathrow is just up the road from here.

The last of these we'll be seeing for a while.
They are building a sports complex and flats next to the moorings and it is well fenced off,

'Nuff said.

Watch this space.............

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