Monday, 1 November 2010

Bus stop and a magpie.

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Daventry, well not really, a visit to Tescos to top up on the vital red, 25% off any six bottles, and to get the gin for the sloes, so as we approached Braunston on the return trip we realised we had forgotten the gin and that was the main reason for the trip, but at Braunston we came across our mates, Chris and Jude, who were heading in to Daventry and they are getting it for us, now that's what you call buddies.
As Daventry isn't at all photogenic I took one of the bus stop at Braunston so that will have to do.

A local magpie, the name is a contraction of the old name maggot pie as maggots are one of the birds favoured foods, or possibly not. As you can tell I am a repository of totally useless and frequently inaccurate information, a bit like Wikipedia really, but not as popular.

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