Thursday, 11 November 2010

Well that's alright then.

We have just had a reply to the email I sent to B.W. querying the letter we had received, see post for Sunday 31st October.
Well that's alright then, the letter from B.W. claiming we had overstayed at Cropredy fourteen day moorings was just a "gentle reminder" to people who "may be reaching the end of the fourteen days at the beginning of November", so in fact there had been no "regular boat sightings"at all, they were just worried that I might be there when the moorings are handed over to winter moorers. They also hope that the "friendly worded letter did not cause any distress". Of course not, a blatant lie accusing us of breaking the rules is absolutely fine, fancy us querying it.
So it appears B.W. have sent out numerous similar letters to people who have not overstayed at moorings but may be in the way of their plans to let out half of visitor moorings as winter moorings. I have nothing against the idea of winter moorings but this is going to make life difficult for continuous cruisers as moorings close to facilities will be snapped up leaving no space for visitors.
Rant over.
Weather is about as foul as my mood!
Just heard on the radio news that B.W. is going to encourage the public to come and see all the winter works they will be carrying out around the system, could be interesting.

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