Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Suttons Stop at last.

This morning dawned dry and cold with just a light breeze so off we went, destination Suttons Stop, again. We stopped at Rose Boats on the way and booked in for our B.S.C., sixth of December the big day.

Now that is what I call a paint job, seen at the moorings by bridge 26.

All the way along this length you have these things rushing past, I don't think they will catch on.
We had nearly reached The Elephant and Castle when I felt something on the prop., thinking "Leaves" I put her astern and was rewarded with a most unpleasant noise and a complete a refusal to make any progress at all. We managed to get into the side and it was up sleeves and delve into the murky depths of the weed hatch.

Well it wasn't leaves this time and the water was somewhat chilly. Drive restored we continued on our way and moored on the visitor moorings just short of the stop lock. We then found this set of signs that left us rather baffled.

Now what do you need a permit for? Or is it the dog that needs a permit to answer a call of nature? Who can fathom the workings of the B.W. mind?

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