Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Bucolic Charm.

Two days at Hinckley is enough so we have wandered of for places rural and fetched up by bridge 31, Woodentop Bridge, not sure whether to keep my eye out for a spotty dog or a traffic cop.

It was a beautiful late autumn morning, frosty, misty and hardly a breath of wind, perfect boating weather especially as there was hardly any traffic, we've seen four boats on the move all day. It has also been the first day for a while when we've had no leaves hindering progress.

In common with many villages Stoke Golding's Church is perched on top of a hill and is visible for miles, unless it's misty.
The seaweed feelers are forecasting rain and gales for tomorrow, that means we'll probably need the sun screen, but it's a good excuse to stay put. Not that we need an excuse to have another lazy day.

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