Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Blow, blow thou winter wind.

Having had enough of Rugbys mud we set off for Suttons Stop. Ten minutes later we managed to beat the wind and get away from the side only to be confronted with a boat coming through the bridge, throttle back and there we were, back on the side. After more effort and much jolly nautical language we were on our way.
We stopped for water at Newbold

and then went through that nicely illuminated tunnel. So tasteful.

It seems to be a good year for reedmace, last year there was hardly any, does it have a two year flowering cycle?

The wind has succeeded in stripping the trees of their leaves, half of them seem to have landed on our roof and the rest are lurking in the cut just waiting for a passing propeller to cling to,

this is All Oaks Wood at Brinklow. We debated whether to give up but decided to press on, that is until the prop. clogged again and the wind blew us into the pilings, we can take a hint, looks like Suttons tomorrow.

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