Thursday, 4 November 2010

To Hillmorton.

Ignoring the howling wind we set off this morning,

the first bridge you come to is bridge 80, Wises Bridge, it has been like this for at least three years, I wonder if there are any plans for it.

There doesn't seem to be much going on at the new Barby Marina, I get the feeling that we are reaching saturation point with marinas.
Having had enough of wind and the usual coating of autumn leaves around the prop we stopped at the top of Hillmorton Locks. We walked down the locks at at the bottom found

our old mates Cookie and Lin

with their venerable boat Windale looking pristine in a new paint job. A cup of tea and a chance to catch up on each others travels.
On the way back up the locks

we passed this ancient pollarded willow with a quite amazing growth of fungus.
Looking at tomorrows weather forecast guess who is staying put.

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