Monday, 29 November 2010

Brass portholes? Hah!

You know it's cold when you get up in the morning and the windows look like this. If only we had realised when we had the boat built what we know now we would not have gone within a country mile of those lovely shiny brass portholes, brass is a wonderful transmitter of heat. We get twice the condensation/ice on the brass as on the glass. We're going to get some transparent acrylic to make secondary double glazing, in the meantime the little Bubble stove glows gently in the corner and does a splendid job of keeping hypothermia at bay.

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Sue Hunter said...

We used Stormguard double glazing film over the windows last year and it worked a treat. We got it from Focus in Nuneaton, near the train station. It's a purple packet if you're looking for it. Sue & Dave nb Beefur