Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Late delivery, a bit of heritage plus sloe gin

We are now topped up with diesel and have ample supplies of coal, Gosty Hill arrived at 2300 last night, having started loading at Napton at 0530, serviced thirty two boats before they got to us and when they left us they still had more to do! And Ian was still cheerful!

This morning Nuneaton came through with Brighton on cross straps, they were both considerably higher in the water than when we saw them at Banbury, they had been carrying bagged coal when we last saw them and had obviously delivered it safely.

Sloes + Gin + Sugar, now it's just a question of time and the occasional shake. When we bottle it we add a few drops of almond essence, just rounds it off.
Surprisingly mild for the time of year, we have the doors and side hatches open and although there is a bit of a breeze it does not feel cold, making the most of it to air the boat.

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