Saturday, 13 November 2010

Does anyone remember the emu?

An exciting day yesterday, a bus trip into Coventry for Christmas shopping. On the way to the bus stop you cross this decorated footbridge,

called Wings Over Water, which crosses the cut on the line of one of the old colliery railways.
In the past we have taken the boat up into the Coventry basin but this time decided to stay at Suttons and use public transport, if you've got a bus pass, flaunt it. To be honest I don't think anyone on the bus paid, we were all wrinklies.

Next to the Greyhound there is this lovely terrace of cottages, they were originally built for miners at one of the nearby collieries but were subsequently bought by the canal company. I believe they are now in private hands.
Today we set of for Hinckley, no excitement at bridge 14 this time, unlike last year there was no emu

on the towpath, we still have no idea where it came from.
At Marston Junction one boat had just emerged from the Ashby and they warned us there was another just behind them. We had to wait mid canal

until it emerged. The wind drifted us across and nearly up the bank but they cleared the junction just in time for us to work our way round and under the bridge without hitting anything.
It was then a quiet run up to Nutts Lane Bridge at Hinckley.

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lurcherd said...

Hi both, i spoke to you Graham a few times whilst you were at Hinckley marina just before christmas. I wore a red jacket and black woollen hat. Anyway i mentioned the emu and said i would not have believes it if i hadnt seen a photo of it. You said that you had contacted local papers i think but to no avail. Well today a lady was on radio Leicester from an emu farm which is based at Kirkby mallory, and is not far from tha asby canal. Hope this helps.