Thursday, 25 November 2010

The cowards run for cover.

Okay, okay, we've wimped out but have you seen the weather forecast?
Yesterday morning,

after a spectacular sunset on Tuesday

and a sunrise of nearly equal splendour guess what was on the canal,


The countryside was white with frost,

Stoke Golding was looking decidedly Christmas Cardish

and this was the life ring on the roof.
So we've booked into Trinity Marina for a month and I apologise to all the big muscular boaters who are now striding down the towpath in their singlets with half a tree under one arm and fifty litres of red diesel under the other, I know we have let the side down but as I have said before wimp is my middle name, along with idle.
Had to re-book the B.S.C. and it is now on Saturday, must start unblocking all those ventilators, chaining up the gas bottles and sorting all the other daft bits and bobs. Before anyone panics that last bit was tongue in cheek.
I'm not a lover of marinas but the batteries are partying at the back, they haven't had a charge like this for ages and being next to a water point has definite advantages. Mind you I went a purler on the ice while walking the dog this morning and knocked a lump out of a finger, blood everywhere, so it's not all beer and skittles.


The Crew: Mike, Mags and Poppy! said...

Time for some of the captain sensible towpath footware. I used some last year after doing the backward flip in the pike position. (scored 4 10's)

Have a look here.


Mick and Maggie

Anonymous said...

Commiserations on being moored at Trinity.

We stayed there for a single night back in the summer and couldn't wait to move on the next day.

Crowded, unfriendly and grubby are the words that come to mind.

Sue Hunter said...

Don't know about wimp - we're not brave enough to even go up the Ashby after last winter - 5 1/2 weeks of carting water - you were there too! One sign of ice and it's a quick dash to the next elsan point for us thank you very much. Best wishes, Sue & Dave n/b Beefur

Chris and Debbie, said...

I dropped my tree on my foot, and as for having to pay 83p for domestic diesel around here I had nothing under my other arm.

The singlet was OK though :)