Sunday, 31 October 2010

Braunston, again.

Ah, Braunston, center of the canal world,

plenty of ex working boats about,

but I have this nightmare, what if everybody decided to take their boats out on the same day?

The Boathouse, ex Millhouse, ex Rose and Castle. We had a meal in there last night and it was excellent, not expensive either, three courses each, a couple of drinks, coffees and only thirty five quid, worth a punt if you fancy eating out.

The old windmill, now a residence, at least there are no corners for the dust to collect in.

This is called a Crocketted Spire but I couldn't see a coonskin cap anywhere.

High Street, apart from the plethora of cars it probably hasn't changed much since the working boats ruled the cut.
We have just had a snotty letter from B.W. informing us that their "boat checker" in his "regular boat sightings" had observed that we had "spent longer at the location than the maximum permitted stay time" on the fourteen day moorings at Cropredy, now any of you who follow this blog will know how long we actually spent at Cropredy. We feel that their "boat checker" should make his sightings a bit more regular and that a word with some of the boats who've been there since the old queen died would not come amiss. I can feel a stiff reply coming on.
On the same subject: has anyone seen the B.W. patrol boat that is now in this vicinity? It's a rather part worn launch called Verulam, it went past us yesterday, I just wish I'd had the camera ready. I eagerly await further developments, will this be a regular thing? Possibly M.T.B's on the Grand Union, that'll sort out the unlicensed boats.

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Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Graham,

The last time we were through Cropredy the grass was growing through the frame generators on the towpath.

You, it seems, have become what one might call an easy target for a blind man in a darkened room.

Never mind the fixtures and fittings, go for the mobile ones.

Regards Chris.