Friday, 29 June 2012

Too much to list in the title, you will just have to read it all.

Good grief, is it really four days since I sat down at my faithful laptop and put another gripping instalment of our wild and adventurous life into the public domain? So what has been going on?

Well, we continued on our way up the Staff. and Worcs. Debdale Lock hides in a rocky cutting surrounded by foliage reminiscent of the Amazon, this year it's definitely rain forest.

Cookley village sits above its diminutive tunnel. Everything on this canal seems to be built to a smaller scale than normal.

Anyone fancy a restoration project? Could be a bit of a challenge.

The Bratch from the bottom of the middle lock, really gloomy down here.

Just above Dimmingsdale Lock we came across Waterlily and stopped for a quick chat with fellow blogger Nev.

He was awaiting the arrival of R.C.R. with a new alternator belt. I hope they eventually turned up, he didn't seem to be having a lot of luck with his search for a belt. Hope you're all sorted now Nev.

We made it round to our favoured mooring near Brewood where there is normally a good signal but the night before last? Zilch. Yesterday morning we set off for the leg to Gnosall and went past a Sea Otter boat with one of those weird paint jobs you see on some cars,

it changed colour as we passed, very impressive but it will be a real ouch! the first time they get pushed into some offside herbiage by an inconsiderate boater.
Hardly were we over the A5 aqueduct when the first rumble of thunder alerted us to changing weather. I appreciate that everyone will have their own story of yesterdays weather but here is ours, hardly had we struggled into our waterproofs when down it came, I have not seen the like of the rain since a Singapore monsoon many moons ago; but it was the thunder and lightning that was gobsmacking, for an hour and a quarter it was continuous, the lightning a continual display and the peals of thunder ran into each other to make an unending crash, it was awe inspiring, and my awe isn't easily inspired.
We arrived at Gnosall with the water running out of our boots and adjourned to The Navigation for a bite to eat and a well earned stiffener. We were back there for the evening as Thursday is Open Mic. night. Always enjoyable, the efforts varied from the brilliant to the frankly awful but at least they got up and did their party piece, more strength to their elbow I say.
Family visit from the eldest and tribe tomorrow.

Watch this space..................

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