Sunday, 3 June 2012

I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain.

Tixall for the big day, telly tuned, extra large ensign flying and a couple of bottles of red uncorked. We'll start with a tot of bubbly (To real matelots that isn't that expensive, fizzy cider copy but proper grog, seen off with the traditional toast "The Queen, God bless her".). Shame about the weather but this is England and it is a bank holiday, what else do you expect? Anyone for a soggy barbecued sausage? Personally we're having roast leg of lamb.
Has anyone else noticed the abundance of wild flowers brought on by the recent fine weather? The towpath here is a mass of colour.

Red campion and one of those white lacy flowers that I have no idea about.

Common comfrey, in the past the roots were ground up and used to make a sort of plaster that was used to set broken bones, hence its alternative name of knitbone.

It also comes in white.

Yellow iris, really striking flowers growing in the waters edge, there's a bumble bee on the right hand one, I tried enlarging it to make it more interesting but it didn't work.

If you see a plant with nettle like leaves and flowers like this you are safe, it's white dead nettle,but

if it has only got sad little flowers like this, then watch out, it's a stinger.

Not a clue as to what this is, all I know is that it was BIG, maybe a triffid?
The river pageant is just starting on the box so it's

                                        "The Queen, God bless her".

Watch this space................

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