Saturday, 16 June 2012

Today has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

As we are still sitting out the current excess of weather I can only offer a few odd pictures from the last few days.

This boat has been moored under the M6 for several days, a few days back the occupants were sitting on the towpath close by, noise and fumes, strange delights some people enjoy. Now I'm not critcising their choice, if that's what they like good luck to them, but it does seem to lack a certain charm.

I believe that cows lying down is a sign of rain, can't go wrong with the forecast at the moment.

That's a bumble bee just taking off from some vetch. Why is it that they always go into launch mode just as you press the button?

I think this is ground ivy, pretty little flowers whatever it is.

Normally I am forbidden access to the kitchen for anything more technical than mashing the tea, I was a chef for several years and Jill says I make too much mess and expect a k.p. to clean up after me, but yesterday I was allowed to play. I produced a steak and kidney pudding that was, not to boast too much, sublime. Really pleased that I have not lost my touch. Shouldn't we be eating salad in June though, not winter comfort food? I will add as a footnote that I left the kitchen immaculate.

Watch this space............

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Chris Hills said...

It's never the wrong time for a steak and kidney pud!