Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I don't like herons anymore.

Taking advantage of a window in the weather we have moved up to Penkridge. Moving early we soon passed Tixall Gatehouse.

What a shame that the Hall no longer stands because if that was the front gate it must have been some house.
All went well until Shutt Hill Lock when

we had to join the queue and so it went, all the way to Penkridge. Let's be honest, we were in no hurry and it's much more enjoyable than a jam on the M6.

Opposite where we are moored this little family were snugged in, mother and eight ducklings, this morning it is down to four ducklings thanks to the depredations of a heron. It stalks the family and once they are within range, snap, one less. I've gone right off herons!

Watch this space................

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